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Our CIBN Story

Networking is more than 2000 years old. Trading merchants relied upon relationships and reputations in Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia just like we do today. Word of mouth advertising has always been the most powerful method and it is always about getting others to talk positively about you while putting yourself out there. In the middle ages merchant guilds from across Europe were in full operation and created the foundations of many of our economic systems that we currently enjoy today. So networking is not new. It is an ancient concept that the CIBN has used while adopting modern marketing concepts to make it more effective than ever!

CIBN Collage framedThe CIBN And The Calgary Business Network

More recently, the Canadian Imperial Business Network has more than forty years of combined networking experience for your business to take advantage of. In 2011 Kerry George the owner of Loyal2U Communications And Marketing took Jim Messner as a client in her marketing firm. Jim was the owner of the Calgary Business Network which he had been running for many years bringing people together to deepen their business relationships and provide great opportunities for open networking. After one year of assisting the CBN with email marketing, online marketing and social media marketing numbers were up and the networking organization was growing. However, Jim had decided that he wanted to spend more time in the southern US in the winters so he decided to sell the CBN to Kerry so she could continue the work.

Once the Calgary Business Network was under her ownership Kerry George had her team at Loyal2U put in a more concerted effort to grow the network and it increased by 300% in 2012. In the fall of that year she was then approached by Craig Chandler the owner of the PGIB referral clubs and asked if she would like to purchase his network and add it to the CBN. Thus the Canadian Imperial Business Network was created in January of 2013 and has become the fastest growing, and largest networking organization in Southern Alberta.

How The CIBN Is Unique

The CIBN is unique from it’s competitors in three major ways. Firstly there is an online component that creates impactful results for both Members and Sponsors of the CIBN network. There is a coordinated and consistent team of people continually creating content for the organization as well as for Members and Sponsors and they we have quickly grown an impressive following from Alberta and around the country. Click here to learn more about the reach of the CIBN and how their online efforts contribute to the success of their Members and Sponsors.

The second thing that makes the CIBN unique is the relationships that are established through their networking events. While the weekly referral meetings do follow a schedule and have a structure, members are encouraged to get to know one another in order to offer higher quality referrals to each other. Groups are kept to about 25 people so there is enough time for the Members to share about themselves and enjoy each other’s company. There is laughter and conversation each week as they gather.

“All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” – Bob Burg Author of The Go-Giver

The third thing that differentiates the CIBN from all of their competitors is that this is an organization of learning and growing. The CIBN recognizes that 80% of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years of business and yet small business is the backbone of the economy of this country. Therefore, we feel compelled to offer excellent training from a variety of subjects that would increase the odds of survival and equip our Members for success. In each city as the CIBN grows there will be a sub network within the organization that provides this valuable component to our Members. In Southern Alberta that entity is the Calgary Business Network.

Thank you for visiting the CIBN website today. If you have any further questions about our network please call 403-718-9806 from 9:00 to 5:00 or call 403-370-4472 after hours.


Mission Statement- To provide a powerful, consistent and fully Canadian networking experience for our Members and Sponsors that increases their bottom line and adds value to their lives and their businesses.

Vision Statement- We assist Canadian professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people in receiving excellent quality referrals and we increase the quality of their business relationships while offering valuable learning experiences that will improve their overall successes and positively impact their bottom line.

Collaboration and connections: we use knowledge with networking, and we make business easier!

Happy Capitalism From the CIBN!


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