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80% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have some business tips to keep your business from becoming a statistic? The CIBN produces several publications and blogs where we give away free business tips. Some of these are provided by our Members, our Sponsors, and our Staff, while others are just really great tips that we have found to be useful to our network. We often put on workshops and educational events as well so be sure to keep an eye on our events page for hands on training as well.


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Business TipsBusiness Tips For Strategies

Working “On” Your Business  Articles From Doug Wagner of

How To Make Decisions – Article By Kerry George

Think Multiplication – Article Posted on


Business Tips For Self Improvement

There are so many things that we cannot control in life and in business. There are so many things that we would want to change in those around us and in our circumstances. However, the only thing that we can control is ourselves and the only thing we truly have the power to change is ourselves. The following articles will stretch you to grow and become something more. The size of one’s bank account often runs a direct correlation to the size of one’s willingness to learn and grow personally

Personal Development Articles From Doug Wagner of

Business Tips For Goal Setting

If we don’t have a target we cannot reach our destination. People who write down their goals are 9 times more likely to achieve them. Incomes can be measured and predicted by how often goals are written down and checked on. Here are a few great articles on Goal Setting.

The Difference Between Resolutions And Goals – Article by Kerry George

Goal Setting Articles at

Business Tips For Social Media

LinkedIn How To Articles 

Twitter How To Articles

Email Markeing How To Articles

Social Media Goal Setting Articles

Blogging How To Articles

Using Automated Follow-Ups Articles

Business Tips For Selling More

Who Is In Control Of The Sale? – Article by Kerry George

Did You Know You Are In Sales – Article by Kerry George

Sales Is Simple Mathematics – Article posted on

Business Tips For Marketing

Marketing Makes A Difference – Article By Kerry George

Top 3 Signs Your Marketing Sucks – Article By Tyler Zeck from Market For Success

Radio VS. Television Marketing – Article By Tyler Zeck from Market For Success

How Much Should You Spend On Marketing – Article posted on

Business Tips For Networking

Meeting new people and gaining new clients is the life-blood of any company. We all need good referrals and warm leads. It is not uncommon for networkers with the CIBN to raise their bottom line by more than $20,000 a year if they are engaged in the process. For some that number is substantially higher. Here are some great articles to help you build your networking techniques.

Should You Spend Your Money On Marketing Or Networking? – this is a revealing article by Kerry George

Networking Tips Articles at

Members Can Post Business Tips Here

If you are a Member of the CIBN and you have a blog providing great tips for business owners, please email Grace at and she will add your offerings to our lists so our other Members can benefit from your insights. We all need more great business tips to take our businesses to the next level of success!

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