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Calgary Heritage

There are no meetings the first two weeks of July.

The Calgary Heritage Group meets on Thursdays for lunch from 11:45-1:00 upstairs at the Halo Restaurant. This is a growing dynamic group of professionals who are serious about giving each other leads and new business. To find out more about this group or if there is a spot open for you call Zechariah James at 403-370-4472

The CIBN has a variety of levels that  a business owner can become involved in. There are weekly groups for collecting leads and referrals but that is just the beginning of what the CIBN does. There are MasterMind groups where business owners get to strategize their growth and success while collaborating with partners. Here is a quick video that gives you an overall view.

CIBN GENERAL from Sergey on Vimeo.

Openings At Calgary Heritage

There is only one person per industry in this club so there is never any competition to you in your industry. Currently there is an opening for a:

  • psychologist
  • life coach
  • interior decorator
  • travel agent
  • photographer
  • health coach
  • business coach
  • cake decorator
  • Gift Basket Maker
  • General renovator
  • Interior decorator
  • Cabinet maker
  • Home inspector
  • Clothing rep
  • massage therapist
  • cell phone rep
  • shop owner
  • spa  owner
  • fitness trainer

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