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What Is Excalibur Sponsorship?

Have you ever wanted to be part of something amazing and unique that would impact the business world? Have you ever desired to be a part of forward-moving organization or a group of people that are movers and shakers that are making a radical difference?

Excalibur Sponsorship is not just about getting some great advertising to a large growing market. It is not just about having other people talk about how awesome your company is. It is more than the small business people meeting at lunch gatherings and the corporate supporters applauding and following online.

Excalibur Sponsorship is about being part of an elite group of people with a vision to build up entrepreneurs. Excalibur Sponsorship gives small and medium sized businesses the opportunities of collaboration through our Pillar Program. Oil & Gas Sponsors have the opportunity to attend specialized events for their targeted market and meet with other strategic alliances through our connecting processes.

Excalibur Sponsorship

Excalibur the legend!
Take networking to the ultimate level…

Excalibur Sponsorship for corporations provides a means of investing into the business community and a front row to up and coming talent in this vibrant Calgary market.

Excalibur Sponsorship is about mentoring. It is about having an impact with enterprising entrepreneurs and moulding the future of Canada’s business community.

Excalibur Sponsorship is the opportunity to sponsor the network and have access to advertise to the 350+ paid annual members, the hundreds of ongoing visitors to events, the 6,000 people on our email and contact lists and the 300,000+ people that we are touching monthly through our publications and social media reach. It is about branding and marketing to a willing and engaged group of followers who are eager to participate with your company in this marketplace.

Excalibur Sponsors may want to send representatives directly to our networking meetings or they may just want to be a part of the larger picture. Sponsors get all of the advantages of branding to our network but also have several other perks and opportunities available to them at their level of sponsorship. Many of our Excalibur Sponsors have had a customized program build specifically for their needs. Guardian Level Sponsors may even have exclusivity in their industry for the year of their contract!

We have posted some of the advantages to sponsorship on this website but programs are also tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. Please call our Sponsorship Department for more details about this valuable program. 403-397-1909

Corporate Sponsorship starts at $25,000 per year.

Medium Sized Businesses Sponsorship Opportunity – Payment plans are available – starts at $10,000 per year or $1000/month

Oil And Gas Sponsorship – starts at $10,000 per year or $1000/month

Small Business Sponsorship – Payment plans are available – starts at $5,000 per year or $500/month – targeted advertising to the business community!

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