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What Is The Guardian Sponsorship Program?

The Guardian Sponsorship Program is the most prestigious level of sponsorship with the Canadian Imperial Business Network. Guardians have already arrived at their destination.

There are generally two kinds of Guardian Sponsors. The first is a local Guardian Sponsor who is not looking for the marketing perks that small and medium sized businesses are looking for. They are already firmly established protectors of the business community and known as a fortress of proprietary knowledge and sustained success. They may want continued branding to be in front of the Alberta business community but they typically are not looking for low hanging fruit or even a measurable outcome in the terms of profit. They are instead looking to give back to the business community and give an offering of good will to up and coming entrepreneurs. They are looking to sow into new, ambitious business initiatives with their knowledge, their mentoring support, and their presence in our thriving business community.

The second kind of Guardian Sponsor is an established corporation from another part of the country or even internationally who is seeking to establish themselves as a reputable name in the Calgary and Alberta region. The CIBN offers some unique opportunities to such corporations and can add fuel to their marketing programs by providing valuable third party referrals and testimonies in a very public forum.

Guardian Sponsors are always firmly established business entities with a heart for the business community. A vetting process takes place before we accept Guardian Level Sponsors and the program is customized for their needs. They also have exclusivity in their industry for the year of their contract upon approval.

Guardian Sponsor

Guardian Sponsors are established protectors of the business community!

The Advantages Of Guardian Sponsorship

Guardian Sponsors want to influence the business community of Calgary and Alberta. The CIBN offers a unique opportunity for Guardian Sponsors to reach out to entrepreneurs and show their support to the efforts of smaller companies and their leaders.

We have several special perks for this level of sponsorship! When we host larger conferences and private dinner parties with big name speakers it is the Guardian Sponsors that are invited to sit at the head tables of these events. Our Guardian Sponsors are asked if they or someone from their leadership team would like to contribute from the stage.

Guardian Sponsorship Is For You!

Guardian Sponsors can enjoy all of the benefits offered to the other levels of Sponsorship should they desire them, but each Guardian Sponsor has a tailor made program produced just for them. Tell us what you are looking for in the Calgary and Alberta market. We will put something together that is very special, just for you!

All Guardian Sponsors also have a beautiful banner created for them with their logo and their offering. This banner is displayed at all major CIBN tradeshows, and Oil and Gas networking events around the city. We also feature our Guardians in videos and online publications regularly.

Marketing For Guardian Sponsors

When you buy an add in a magazine someone has to buy the magazine, open it up to that page that you are on, and then sit still and read the article. That one piece can cost $2,500 or even $10,000 and the coverage is limited. Where does the magazine end up?

What if a wonderful story is written about you and then posted online on an active blog? This is not a static website where we hope and pray that someone comes by and clicks on it. This is an engaged audience where staff are being paid to post about you and your business, and then other staff are being paid to comment positively on that posting. This is not just one Twitter account with 300 people following. This is the combined efforts of multiple people consisting of staff, CIBN members, marketing personal from, other Sponsors and their staff and a whole lot more. One article can be posted and then reposted hundreds or even thousands of times a month. The overall engaged audience of the CIBN is over 300,000 in the Calgary region alone each month!

Training For Staff Is Part Of Guardian Sponsorship

Do you want a customized program for your staff or sales team to use to get more appointments? Do you need a follow up system for a tradeshow you are participating in? offers all new Guardian Sponsors a $2,500 credit to use either training staff, establishing online policies, or for online marketing. This is just one more special perk for our Guardian Sponsors!

MasterMind Level Is An Added Benefit For All Guardian Sponsors

The MasterMind program is the most elite level of membership in the network. If a Guardian Sponsor does not desire to use this perk personally, they can give away two MasterMind Memberships to someone in their organization to take full advantage of this part of the program.

MasterMinds are entrepreneurs have made a significant financial commitment of $2000 to take part in special learning events, mastermind brainstorming sessions, and other private coaching events offered only to this level. If your target market is the entrepreneur who has already achieved a certain level of success you will want to be in this prestigious group just to rub shoulders with our members and make strategic connections that will grow your business. This is an excellent gift for an up and coming member of your Guardian Level organization.

Entry level Guardian Sponsorship can be had for only $25,000 per year.

The Guardian Level starts at $25,000 a year, but can be upgraded and customized to offer scholarships, or contest prizes to the university and college level students in our region.

Call us today at 403-397-1909 to find out more about the Guardian Sponsorship Program and see if it is the right fit for you!


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