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Frustration isn’t a problem; it’s what we don’t do about it that’s the problem.

Frustration leads to worry, anger, inaction, and stress. While you can’t avoid frustration, you can do something about it.  I recommend a W5 and How exercise?who, what, why, where, when and how.


  1. What’s frustrating me?

Identify the issue, event or person and that is frustrating you. Is it an action, non-action, comment or situation? The biggest challenge is to recognize how much of the “what” is you.

  1. Who can help?

Don’t be lone a wolf. A friend, colleague or even a stranger can help. Think about the times you’ve talked to a total stranger and came away refreshed and happy.

Don’t make the mistake of always going to the same person for your uplifting. Their advice may be what’s keeping you frustrated.

  1. Why did this happen?

Why did you become frustrated with the situation? Stop and analyze. It’s been said, lessons are repeated until learned. The only way I know to stop the repetition is to become aware of what I’m doing and make changes. Change is good and it’s the only thing in life that’s constant.

  1. Where are you when you get frustrated?

“I get so frustrated when I go to that store!”  So don’t go. People repeat actions and repeat the frustration. It’s hardly comfort that makes the abused person return to the abuser, yet that is a too real pattern.

  1. When are you most likely to get frustrated?

If you’re a night person you may not function well first thing in the morning. Ease into the day. On the other hand, early risers need to get going early and quit early. Set yourself up for success with these examples of when.

  1. Why do you continue to be frustrated?

Go take a look in the bathroom mirror. See that person and have an honest conversation about your habits. You may be responsible for the bulk of your own frustration and you’re the only one who can change it.

  1. How can you change?

There’s a recurring theme above and it has to do with taking an inventory. You can’t change anything about yourself unless you know what it is you’re doing or not doing? Life is all about choices so if you’re continually frustrated, why are you choosing to remain that way.


Garth Roberts, CSP

Simpler System to Inspired Leadership

Trainer, Coach, Speaker

(403) 620-1591

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We are pleased to announce Garth Roberts as our Key Note Speaker for this year’s Christmas Networking Party on December 1oth.

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