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Living Your Best Life Series!

  • Are you stressed?
  • Do you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends?
  • Does your life feel like a blur?

In today’s society we seem to have so many pressures influencing us, where do you even start?

We must understand that we need to take care of our whole selves: physically; nutritionally and emotionally.  If we are unhealthy in any one of these areas, it has a direct effect on wellbeing.  To live your best life you must create balance in all 3 areas of our life.

Creating small changes each month will help you make lifestyle changes that will benefit you for life.  Each month I am honoured to share with you my Tip of the Month in each of these 3 areas; physical, nutritional and emotional to help YOU live YOUR best life!

Physical Wellness

10,000 steps per day

Get moving!  Grab a pedometer and start tracking your steps.  You can find them at almost any drug store, walmart, Canadian Tire, etc.  My favorite is the FitBit which can be found at The Apple Store.  Aim for 10,000 steps per day.  Try something new, keep it fun and get moving.

living your best lifeNutritional wellness

Drink Up

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.  Your body loses 8 glasses of water a day just getting you through the day…..and that does not include exercising.  If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Dehydration causes foggy thinking, lack of energy, and slows down your metabolism, just to mention a few things.  Next time you are feeling tired or hungry, drink a glass of water.  Your body will thank you!

Emotional Wellness

Take time for YOU each day

Relax, meditate, read a book, take a class.  Spend some time outside enjoying nature, the sun and breathing in the fresh air.  Learn something new – take a class.  When we put ourselves first and look after ourselves we become healthier, have more energy and less stress.  The healthier we are the better mom/dad, wife/husband, parent, sibling, friend, business owner, and members of our community we can be.

Check out my website at for monthly tips focused on helping YOU live YOUR best LIFE!


Donna Reid


Donna Reid, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

Donna was one of our first MasterMind Members with CIBN and a tremendous supporter of the network! She is the owner of Ellequin Wellness Centre and a specialist on goal setting and healthy living.  Here programs are changing the lives of people all around the Calgary region.  She believes in empowering individuals to eliminate health and wellness roadblocks, and enables them to look good and feel great from the inside out. (403) 680-9956

Ellequin Donna Reid

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