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“Please note if you are not a member of CIBN ,  you will not be added, as this is moderated. You may however. add yourself to our email lists below to keep updated on what is happening in the network or to get powerful tips that will impact your life and improve your bottom line!













Due to CASL the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation we have hired to assist us in writing some amazing content emails that will give you valuable information that will help you to grow your business and at the same time to allow you to receive networking information about the CIBN. Please look over the possibilities below and sign up for one of our wonderful tips selections. These have been created with the intentions of increasing the revenue of the average business owner. We hope that you find them valuable!


BIZ TIPS – are tips that will help you grow your business. 80% of businesses fail in the first five years. You do not have to be one of them! Get great ideas that will help you get things moving and learn from the wisdom of the CIBN who is in front of successful businesses every day. You will also receive information about the CIBN, events and business promotions from the Calgary area. Sign up for fantastic business tips right now!


CASH FLOW TIPS – are for businesses that need to improve their cash flow outcomes. Many business owners struggle to make payroll and to meet their monthly obligations. These are some great tips that will help you to overcome cash shortages. You will also receive updates about the CIBN and events that are coming up.


CASL TIPS – CASL is the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that is causing a lot of concern in the business sector, and it should be a concern to you as well. The fines are up to 10 million dollars and consumers are even encouraged by the legislation to pursue lawsuits against anyone who can not prove consent to send. This is a huge issue. People who you have had on your contact lists for years may now be in a position to do your company great harm. Verbal consent is hard to prove so a written consent or a double opt in consent are now necessary. Asking people to consent via email will not be possible after July 1, 2014 and even before then the return on that is about 5%. There are better ways to deal with this. Are you prepared to handle this legislation? These are the tips you need to prepare yourself and the relevant articles that show you how to protect your assets. You will also receive updates from the CIBN.


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