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The CIBN is a Canadian Network of business owners dedicated to the growth and success of local Canadian companies and individuals in our communities. The Canadian Imperial Business Network holds weekly meetings over breakfast or lunch where business owners come together and give each other warm leads and referrals. Professionals get to know one another and to act as a lead generating force for each other. There is only one person per industry so there is never any competition to you in our weekly meetings.

We bring together business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales people from many different backgrounds. A typical meeting would involve a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, trades people, a web designer, a lawyer, a printer and several others. We like to have 20 – 30 people in a room on a regular basis, it makes for good synergy while giving everyone an opportunity to talk.

membershipIf you have tried other networking groups you will find our atmosphere and culture to be a bit different. We utilize a unique concept of adding online social networking components with our face-to-face networking and we offer a lot of free tips to members to help them use these marketing concepts with their own businesses. There is in the city of Calgary the opportunity to upgrade one’s membership to the MasterMind Level to get access to many training events all designed to increase your bottom line. You will find our meetings to be very enjoyable. Members are sincerely happy to be there, learning about each other and enjoying networking and conversation around the table. While we do have structure you will not find us to be over-structured with so many people in the room that you never have time to talk. Every member gets opportunity to share at each meeting and to promote their events. Since there are only 52 weeks in a year we keep our groups at about 25 people so our members get to present their businesses 2 or 3 times each year and they get to promote themselves adequately to a group of professionals that want to contribute to their success!

Basic CIBN Membership Canada-wide is $399 including taxes and administration fees. This covers annual membership with the CIBN. Each month there are room fees that hold your seat in your club, generally they are $25 a week and besides holding your industry spot they pay for your networking, and ongoing marketing training, and the meal is an added free bonus. The room fees are collected at the beginning of the month or every three months in advance (currently there is a $25 gift certificate being offered by our sponsor Velda’s Grower Direct for pre-purchasing for three months in advance.)

Guests are welcome to attend our groups for a visit and it is only $20 to see how they like the group.

Some Want Monthly Membership Opportunities

In the city of Calgary where we have a more developed network we have the added advantage of perks offered through the Calgary Business Network as well. The CBN offers educational events and open networking at monthly events where anyone from any industry can attend. Upgraded memberships with more value are offered in the Calgary area, and one can also obtain a MasterMind Membership that gives you marketing opportunities to our larger network.

Scroll through the tabs under Membership on this website for greater detail on each level of membership. To find out about a meeting where you can attend call Zechariah James 403-370-4472.

Zechariah James



“We have the best promoters in the city of Calgary and the largest business network in Southern Alberta. By far we are the most inovative network in the world… And we are just getting started!” – Zechariah James




To find out how to get a membership give us a call at 403-397-1909.


Three things that make membership with CIBN unique from other networking organizations…

  1. We are the largest Canadian referral networking organization! We have a paid membership base of hundreds of members, we have thousands of visitors annually and we have 300,000 people following us monthly online!  We are a Canadian owned, Canadian ran, and Canadian focussed networking organization that is designed to help your Canadian business succeed!
  2. We are the only weekly networking referral club that consistently donates club money to a charity. When you network with us the kids benefit from Right To Play!
  3. We are the only networking referral organization that offer $100 every time you bring a member who joins us!


Call 403-370-4472 to buy a membership today!

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