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Level 2 Members Want More

The basic level of membership at $399 a year allows a person to attend one club and to interact on an ongoing basis with a group of dedicated professionals with the purpose of exchanging leads and referrals. A Level 2 Member wants more than that.

Weekly Attendance For Level 2 Members

Sometimes a member wants to attend two weekly clubs. If there is an opening that may be a possibility. First there must be a space for that industry but other things may be taken into consideration. The idea behind attending one club is that a member has a sense of loyalty to the people in his group to provide them with good quality, warm leads. If a member is  a faithful attendee and has proven that they are a giver to the group then a CIBN rep may recommend them for a second group. This is done on a case by case scenario because a second group may not be in the best interest of all  members, nor may it be in the best interest of those attending those groups. These clubs are grown based on the quality of the people attending so a variety of factors are considered. Can this member provide excellent quality leads to two groups of people? Will they be committed to two days of the week? Will it benefit both them and the others attending these groups? Are they a skilled networker with the ability to handle the responsibilities of two groups? After these things are assessed then a quality decision can be made.

Garth Roberts member

Garth Roberts is a speaker in the CIBN network with a monthly membership. He is a leadership and motivational speaker with a large US following but lives right here in Calgary!

Monthly Attendance For Level 2 Members

Lunch & Learns with the Calgary Business Network are free for Level 2 members. Some of our Level 2 Members therefore do not join the CIBN to attend any weekly clubs. They just want to attend the free events for Level 2 Members and enjoy the other benefits of membership such as the free 500 full colour, double-sided, excellent quality business cards and other perks.

There is a free networking breakfast for all members of the CIBN and the CBN put on once a month. Some people join the network just for that one monthly event.

Speaking Opportunities For Level 2 Members

Who gets to speak to the CIBN network at our events? Should we let just anyone be a speaker? Should we hire out of town people?

The Canadian Imperial Business Network is all about promoting Canadians to their local communities, so first of all our speakers are primarily Canadian. Secondly business owners in Calgary are experts in the economy of Calgary. Therefore we select mostly Calgarians to speak to this market. Thirdly we feel they should have a vested interest in the network and in our members. For that reason we have determined that only Level 2 Members will be used as speakers to the network.

The above outlines the basic criteria however there are a few other points worth mentioning.

The speaker must bring to the table content that is valuable to our members. It must be training, motivation, or skills that the typical small to medium sized business owners would be in need of. It needs to enhance their value or increase their production in some way.

The material must be presented in a way that is understandable and usable to our members.

The Level 2 Member needs to be a person of integrity that brings value to our speaking roster.

Other Perks For Level 2 Members

All CIBN members can write articles for our websites and blogs that are posted and then re-posted periodically throughout the year. The approved content must include something of value for our members.

All CIBN members are now featured in our online directory on this website. It is visible only to paid annual members.

500 FREE BUSINESS CARDS – DOUBLE SIDED, FULL COLOUR, AND EXCELLENT QUALITY ARE PROVIDED FOR ALL CIBN MEMBERS! This is an offering from MasterMind Member Gord Cousins from Safeguard By Cousins. Design costs if needed may be additional but they are typically $20 to $40 depending upon work effort required.


For information on how to become a Level 2 Member of the CIBN call Zechariah James for details. 403-370-4472


Level 2 Membership $800

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