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Why Purchase A MasterMind Level?

The CIBN wanted to create something unique and very special within business networking. MasterMinds are the first level in a larger project that is all about building a legacy. If you look at our levels of Sponsorships you will see they are called “The Excalibur Sponsorship Project.” The theme has been created around the idea of the knights of the round table. We are going way beyond common networking to building an elite club of strategic partners who interact at a whole new level. Our corporate sponsors are usually not interested in coming to our weekly meetings. CEOs, CFOs, Executives and Founders of major enterprises may be willing to mentor key individuals but likely do not have the time to come out to weekly meetings to see solopreneurs. They are however, often interested in spending a little time annually with a few rising stars. The MasterMind program allows for that. This is an exciting opportunity for those who have the vision to be a part of something extraordinary!

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The MasterMind Level is for those who are dedicated to taking their business to the next level of success, and it is for those elite business owners who want to rub shoulders with others who share a similar vision.

The benefits of the MasterMind program include increased networking opportunities throughout the city of Calgary. There are brainstorming sessions and MasterMind strategy sessions that they can take advantage of. Many lunch & learns and seminars are ran over the course of the year and these are offered to this level of membership as an inclusive part of their package. The educational opportunities for their businesses are open to them as well as to key staff members on their team without additional costs. Marketing is also offered to MasterMinds that puts them in front of a larger city-wide market.

mastermind CalgaryThe MasterMind program is continually in a state of growth. Each quarter there are additional benefits being added to the program as new sponsors join the network and add value to the network, and as the organization grows offering additional opportunities.

Currently the complete MasterMind Package includes:

MasterMind Networking Opportunities

  • MasterMinds enjoy free entrance to all Calgary Business Network events. These are monthly breakfasts, beer and wings nights, and educational events that help business owners and entrepreneurs increase their bottom line. Meals are usually included. This is an annual value of at least $2000.
  • When MasterMinds use their full opportunities for networking and make appointments on the spot at our events there is a huge benefit of being able to attend a vast variety of events. Booking a meeting from the meeting can make you thousands of dollars over the year of your MasterMind Membership.
  • Special MasterMind groups meet periodically throughout the year to strategize and brainstorm over the businesses in attendance. This type of brainstorming could cost a business owner thousands of dollars in the business sector but this is an added benefit to our MasterMind Membership.
  • MasterMinds often get into quadrant events for half price and for some special events they are even included in free entrance!

MasterMind Marketing Opportunities

  • Bring your business cards, your brochures and even your products to pass around while giving your 30 second elevator speech to market yourself at every meeting that you attend. You can also offer a doorprize whenever you want to! While Level 1 Members are bound to one group, MasterMinds may have opportunity to visit other groups that meet weekly or monthly depending if there is exclusivity within those clubs with existing members from your industry.
  • As a member of CIBN you are eligible to write articles for the website about your industry. The marketing value of this exercise is worth thousands of dollars because the articles are not only published once, they are re-posted in a variety of publications and sent out through our multiple Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook platforms for a full year. While Level 1 Members are encouraged to write an article each year MasterMinds may write considerably more than that. We only require that the article offers some value to the business community in the form of tips, advice or training that would benefit the network.
  • MasterMind Members are encouraged to put together content for speaking events for the other MasterMind Members. This is a tremendous opportunity for them to be in front of a forward-moving, upbeat group of entrepreneurs who are committed to growth and excellence. Only MasterMind Members have opportunities to speak to the other MasterMind Members at events. We feel that it is important that our speakers have a vested interest in the network as well as provide valuable information to our members that is imperative for their success. We promote those that have built relationships with us and who have committed themselves to the process of bettering the business community of Calgary.
  • Members of CIBN are eligible to post events on our event Calendars. We do not post events for non-members.
  • Any member can write an article for our website but the CIBN administration will write one blog about you during your MasterMind Membership year. This blog will continue to be re-posted in our publications and re-tweeted on Twitter for many months afterwards. The ongoing marketing will assist you in your revenue goals. This service is worth approximately $800 on its own.
  • MasterMinds get special pricing at all of our tradeshows and special events. Sometimes the tables are free to MasterMinds, but they are always at least half-price depending on the event. Over the year this has a value of several hundreds of dollars.

MasterMind Membership Educational Opportunities

  • MasterMinds get to attend most Calgary Business Network events for free! Lunch & Learns, Workshops, Seminars and Trainings are made available throughout the year on a variety of topics which include but are not limited to tax advice, sales techniques, social media, marketing, business coaching, strategy, personal growth, leadership training, communication, health and success, computer skills and more. (The value for one person to attend these events is over $3,000.)
  • Additional coaching and strategy sessions are often provided by professionals in their consulting businesses. These are made available for limited times to our MasterMind Members only and are sent out via email along with other exclusive specials to our MasterMind Members. (The value of these opportunities exceeds $4,000 annually.)

Additional Perks For MasterMinds

  • Annual CIBN Membership is part of the package. (This does not include the weekly $20 room fees that cover networking and restaurant fees.)
  • MasterMind can send someone on their behalf to learn at any training workshop provided by the Calgary Business Network, so it is a wonderful way to provide additional training for an administration or staff person from your company.
  • At many CBN events MasterMinds can bring a guest for free or for half price, depending on the venue.
  • 500 FREE BUSINESS CARDS – DOUBLE SIDED, FULL COLOUR, AND EXCELLENT QUALITY ARE PROVIDED FOR ALL CIBN MEMBERS! This is an offering from MasterMind Member Gord Cousins from Safeguard By Cousins. Design costs may be additional but they are typically $20 to $40 depending upon work effort required.
  • Masterminds are the only level of membership who get access to the sponsors on an ongoing basis.
  • All sponsors get a mastermind level of membership as part of their sponsorship agreement.

How Do I Get A MasterMind Level of Membership With the CIBN?

The MASTERMIND LEVEL of membership is valued at over $12,000 in value if  a member uses 70% of the opportunities made available to them. We are currently offering the program for only $2000. Call Zechariah James for details or to make payment arrangements for your MasterMind Membership today! 403-370-4472



MasterMinds currently qualify to take part in a 90 day strategy program that is designed to take your business to the next level. This is perfect for you if:

  • You are dedicated to seeing results this year!
  • You want to work with a coach and an accountability team for improved growth.
  • You have been in business for years and you want to get to the next level.
  • You are brand new in business and you want a solid plan to achieve success.
  • You need a business plan done to get funding or grants.
  • You want to franchise your business.
  • You want to create an exit strategy so you can sell your business.



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Testimonies From Our MasterMinds

Joining the CIBN has been one of the most important steps in advancing my company’s growth in the Calgary market, as it was an unknown company in the area. Within moments of joining the CIBN I was handed referrals for my services. The MasterMind program has allowed exposure to services and a larger part of the network which has great contributed to my company’s growth. – David Hogan, Genius Works Visual Communications






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