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Miss Exotika 2013

The Winner is Nyabuoy Gatbel!

Justine Charlemagne Miss Exotika

Justine Charlemagne the founder of Miss Exotika

Justine Charlemagne, at age of 21 years old, founded Miss Exotika because she was unsatisfied about the way the other pageant contests were organized.  After having herself, been crowned as a winner of several beauty pageant contest, she thought that she could find a way to mix beauty, personality, talent and culture together.  After her first title as Miss Rolex in 1994, she never stop modelling. Although she was pretty and sexy at that time, she felt like she worked extra because she was a black ethnic woman. As all immigrants, she suffered from racism but that never stopped her from achieving goals in her field.

After being crowned Miss Corona 1996, where 100 young women were fighting for the same title, she felt it was about time to have her own brand in the field.  Miss Exotika was born in June of 1997.  Doing her first step as a producer, the knowledge was there, but she had to work hard to prove that she was not only a pretty girl but also a smart one.  The hardest part was to convinced sponsors that she could do a great job, which she proved beyond doubt by having 835 guests attending the final gala at the first Miss Exotika Beauty Pageant.

Miss Exotika International

Miss Exotica Beauty PageantSince then, Miss Exotika has become one of the best annual events in Montreal and has left its mark in the fashion industry for the last 16 years.  In 2002 Miss Exotika expanded internationally to Haiti with a marvelous success. More than 1000 people attended the Miss Exotika event at Kaliko beach in Port-au-Prince, however due to political instability the project was unable to continue.

In 2013, Miss Exotika will be produced for the first time in Calgary.  “Wow, something new, fresh”, “Calgary needed this event,” says most of the people when we asked about their opinion about the project.  Of course, Miss Exotika is UNIQUE in its category.  The weight and the height is not important at all to take part in the pageant.  Contestants of Miss Exotica take advantage of our website template design and use the Styles gallery on the Home tab. They can format their headings by great PERSONALITY.  To make sure that feature is respected by all the contestants, they have to vote for each other in that category.  They meet for at least 2 years, so it doesn’t take long for them to get to know each other.  As they work on their confidence, self-esteem, and personality they make new friends and create positive experiences during the preparation for the Miss Exotica event.

Judging Miss Exotika

How will the judges choose the right one as the winner for the Miss Exotika Beauty Pageant?  It is a tough job, but they will have criteria, such as the way that the contestant will work, her smile, her speech, etc.  All the contestants are trained to be on stage and are ready to show what they have learned to the public.  There is only one crown, but they are all winners by having the courage to come on stage. This is something that not everyone can do.  Each one has an engaged audience that comes to support them at the Miss Exotika event for the whole night.

The final gala has all the ingredients to be a great grand finale.  The Miss Exotika event will be hosted by two beautiful women, Sunday Omony, from the Sunday Omony show and Marilou Ignacio.  The contestants will battle for their country and there will be more than 10 countries represented during the show.

To attend the final show a red carpet event on November 2nd, please visit to get free tickets for the Miss Exotika Beauty Pageant.

For more information about the Miss Exotika Beauty Pageant in Calgary see the website here.

Miss Exotika Calgary

The top three. These are very beautiful, enterprising, young women

After The Pageant

This years pageant was a tremendous success! Thank you to our sponsors and to the CIBN for all of your support and we are looking forward to next years Miss Exotika!


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