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Why do I need a mobile website?

Most websites will not work properly on a mobile phone. They are slow to load, hard to view and do not offer the right kind of experience for customers on-the-go. By 2018, there will be an estimated 5  billion + mobile phone users worldwide using their phones to surf the Internet and look for information and services. If your business is not on the mobile Web, your consumers will not be able to find you.


What are the benefits of a mobile website to my customers?

Studies show that visitors who access a full website on their mobile phones complain about how much time and data is required to load the site and how hard it is to find the information they need.  Most Regular websites are too wide or have too much data on the front page, so their Potential customers will abandon the site and look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly website.

Need more convincing? Read on …

Studies show that current mobile web-user experiences are overall horrible when it comes to viewing and navigating websites. Websites that have not been optimized for mobile viewing are too cluttered and negatively impact the visitor’s ability to locate information.

Traditional websites are designed to be viewed on a computer screen instead of a mobile device. This means that most regular websites are not compatible with mobile devices.

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet while on the go. In fact, one-third of the world’s population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches.
One-half of all Internet searches for LOCAL products and services are performed from mobile devices. ( Don’t believe us, just look around next time a coffee shop and see how many people are surfing their mobile phone )

Gartner reports that approximately 96 million mobile searches performed in 2009 were by those looking for a “location– based” (LOCAL) service. This number is expected to grow to more than 526 million searches by 2012.
Mobile-friendly websites receive higher mobile search engine rankings.

Mobile-friendly websites have higher speed, making the visitor experience more pleasurable.

Helps you attract both “new” and “repeat” customers by giving your business “instant mobile marketability” when your visitors land your clean mobile site with all of the important information clearly and easily accessible.
Can be viewed anytime and anywhere mobile cell phone coverage is available. Due to the massive amount of Internet-enabled mobile devices across the world, this means your website can easily be exposed to millions of people.

When users are successful in finding what they need while visiting a mobile website, they’re more likely to come back. When mobile users land on a website that is all distorted, they quickly exit and make a mental note never to return.
Have the advantage of coming up higher in search engine results for local searches performed on mobile devices. This means that when people search for your type of product or service using their mobile device, you can show up higher in the results just because you have a mobile website.

If you haven’t  mobilized your website yet ,please do us a favor and give us a call.
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