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The Canadian Imperial Business Network has a few different publications that we now offer to the network as well as to our extended connections throughout the city. Whenever we produce material it is posted in it’s original location online or in hard copy and then it is re-posted on all of our social media channels over and over again for a period of days, weeks or months. Our staff, our leadership, our members and then the staff of our marketing company Loyal2U Communications & Marketing re-post these items again and again. This continual re-posting gives our publications and the Members and Sponsors of the CIBN ongoing coverage throughout our region and beyond. We estimate the monthly number of touch points for any given publication to be 300,000 people in the greater Calgary area.

Our Online Paper The CIBN Networking News

Each Monday our online paper the CIBN Networking News comes out. Non-members can not buy advertising in this publication, although it does pick up the feed from websites of interest to keep it fresh and exciting. It features the advertising and articles of our Members and Sponsors and then places them in the same paper as business celebrities from here and around the world. If you have written an article that was featured on our blog site or one of our websites it is very likely to be picked up by this publication and featured. Sometimes it is repurposed over and over again in the coming months, giving our members optimum coverage. You should definitely subscribe to this online paper and share it on your social media channels so others will subscribe as well. It is a great way to get a little more value for your membership dollars.

Our Coffee House Paper The Connector

The Connector is our hard copy paper that gives networking and business tips. It has been created as an interest piece to draw others to our network. One cannot buy advertising to be in The Connector. Only Members and Sponsors of the network are featured. Once again prominent coverage is given to those who supply us with articles that offer advice and tips to business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople. Help us help you by putting The Connector into coffee houses, restaurants and waiting rooms across your city.

Our Email Send Outs
We never guarantee that anyone will be featured in every email send out, but we do from time to time feature blog articles, specials, and opportunities that are offered by our Members and Sponsors to our email list. There are currently 6000 business people on our email send out lists.

When you find the #CIBN online be sure to post a comment and to get your name and face recognised in your city. This is an opportunity for you to share more about who you are and what you do. Give tips and engage in conversation so others will see you as a giver. This will help you to increase your online presence and get your phone ringing more for your products and services.


Like us on Facebook
Also follow this Calgary Business Network Group page where you can post events and see what is going on in our city. This is an open group that anyone can join and talk about their products.

Each of our weekly business clubs also has their own Facebook page to communicate with their members.


Follow us @CIBNtweets and @YYCbiznetwork and hashtag #CIBN
Follow Kerry George @createloyalty2U
Follow Zechariah James @IamLoyal2U


On LinkedIn we have three groups. This one is an open group for the Calgary Business Network. Anyone with a business in the city of Calgary can join this group and share what they do. There are over 2000 members in this LinkedIn group, one should note that just because they are online members that does not imply that they are paid annual members of the CIBN or the Calgary Business Network. They have only joined the free LinkedIn group and post there. This is a good place for you to tell other business people in the city of Calgary about your business and a great place for you to engage in profitable conversations with other entrepreneurs from our region.

CIBN Business Connections is a Canadian LinkedIn group that any business owner from across the country can join for networking. All businesses are free to post on this LinkedIn page. Please join this page immediately and tell us all about your business.

There is also a CIBN Closed Group for CIBN Members only. If you are a paid member of CIBN from anywhere across Canada you may join this group. Come on in and speak freely about what you do. Tell our other members from here and around the country what you do and why you do it.


You can write articles for the network and they will be posted on our blogs as long as they meet our very simple criteria. They must give good advice or tips for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people. Your contact information and bio is always included in the article. You can view some of them on the Calgary Business Network blogsite  as well as right here on the CIBN blog.
When you see a good article or a good post by the #CIBN, our staff, our leadership, or our members please re-post it on your own social media channels. We will do the same for you. Let’s help each other in our online successes!

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