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Annie & Frederick

Capsule Wardrobes For Men… Designed For Style, Crafted For Function

A capsule wardrobe is a minimum number of essential pieces of quality clothing, in coordinated colours, designed to complement each other, to create maximum combinations.

Have you ever wondered what tie to put with that suit and which shirt matches it perfectly? Have you ever had to travel to a destination and packed a pair of pants that only went with one suit jacket? Annie & Frederick take the guess work out of planning your wardrobe. They have the perfectly sized and perfectly planned wardrobe for you whether you are just starting out in your industry or if you are a seasoned professional traveling to your next conference.

Sometimes men don’t like to shop. It takes a lot of time. Time is money. Purchasing one suit at a time means that suit must have other items in the wardrobe that coordinate well with it, and who can remember what is at home in the closet when we are rushing to get a suit picked out so we can get back to work? Matching, coordinating and planning can be frustrating. Annie & Frederick takes the frustration out of the process.  One simply visits their website, selects a complete capsule, takes their measurements and makes their order. In as little as 2-3 weeks your order comes to the door and you are ready for that next corporate engagement with style and quality!

Whether you are a brand new business owner, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a newly graduated lawyer you will want to look and feel your best when in front of clients. For busy fathers this is a fantastic gift for a son who is newly entering the business market, or professional team environment. You can have this perfectly coordinated capsule wardrobe created and delivered why life, business, sporting events and family activities are continuing to go on around you.

Annie & Frederick Sponsors Of CIBN

We are very pleased to announce this Sponsorship relationship with Annie & Frederick. The idea of providing capsule wardrobes as an offering for our busy entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals is an intriguing one. Our organization is largely men who work in the professional capacity always needing to put their best foot forward and rest easily in the role of being leaders and experts in their fields. Annie & Frederick provide our members with a unique opportunity to be fashionably dressed with a measure of excellence that will put them at the top of their game and increase their bottom line exponentially. First impressions can never be had at a second visit and when one looks great and feels confident it goes a long way to increase their overall success. Welcome Annie & Frederick to the CIBN by placing your order today!

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