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What Does DL Petroleum Ltd. Do?

In a nut shell Dale Lee is a brilliant engineer who works with companies in the oil and gas sector who own oil wells that are underproducing. Dale has a proven method to assist them in getting the productivity up and gaining higher revenue from the wells.

DL PetroleumWho Uses DL Petroleum Engineering and Consulting Ltd. Services?

Companies that own multiple wells are looking for ways to get more from their existing sites. The reality is that Alberta is not the oil market that it once was. Oil is not spurting out of the ground everywhere. Markets rise and fall. Competition is fierce. Companies now need to produce more with less and they need to show profitability to shareholders.

While not everyone is in the oil and gas industry in our province, the fact is that we all know people who are. Who do you know that works in the industry that this may be a concern for? This would be a great lead for Dale.

DL Petroleum Ltd. Is A CIBN & Gas Sponsor

DL Petroleum Ltd is an oil and gas sponsor of the CIBN network. Since joining the CIBN in October of 2013 Dale has been growing his connections and taking advantage of the many learning opportunities that the CIBN provides to increase his bottom line. Because Dale is often busy as an engineer with his company he has appreciated the ability to have his administrator Pat Seifert take some of the marketing and training courses offered by the network. Recently they have been able to utilize the Manifast 90 Day Business Strategy Program and put things into motion to develop their company’s future.

The CIBN is proud of our relationship with DL Petroleum. We look forward to a prosperous future and celebrate his growth and expansion in the oil and gas industry!

DL Petroleum Ltd Cash Referral Offer

Would you like to make $1000 with DL Petroleum?

DL Petroleum Ltd is looking for new business. In the past they have done business with Devon Canada Corporation and other major oil & gas companies. See his full portfolio here.

Do you know someone in a decision making capacity in an oil & gas organization that is concerned about their well production? DL Petroleum Ltd. can help them to bring in thousands of dollars of more revenue in the next year. You could be the one to make that contact, and for a lead DL Petroleum Ltd. is willing to pay $1000 for the introduction that leads to a contract.

Please visit DL Petroleum on his website today and contact him with your questions at 403-606-3093.


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