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What is eXmerce?

eXmerce is a business trade exchange service for companies.

How does eXmerce work for businesses?

If you have a company that provides products or services to your customers you may want to join eXmerce and present your offerings there. eXmerce then markets your services to their greater network and brings you new business. Once you have a new client through eXmerce they pay the value of your product into the eXmerce trade exchange and you have that amount on account to now spend with other eXmerce businesses.

eXmerceWhat kind of companies are already with eXmerce?

There are over 300 businesses already part of the eXmerce network. There are many industries represented including Accountants, Lawyers, Photographers, Printers, Painters, Trades People, Product Providers, Restaurants, Spas, Professional Services, and more.

Who needs eXmerce?

If your business occasionally struggles with cash flow issues, eXmerce is for you! Being able to barter and trade for things that you need like the Accountant to do your taxes at year end, or a Mechanic to get your car fixed in an emergency is a real help.

If you have a start-up and you need to get the word out about what you do, eXmerce is for you! 300 businesses learn about you and your offering and they help promote you to the people that they know.

If you have trouble keeping good employees, eXmerce is for you! Alberta is a very competitive job market. It can be difficult for smaller operations to provide the higher incomes that are offered by the oil & gas market and as a result you may suffer from a high churn rate. What if your employees could earn rewards? What if they regularly got perks such as free hair styling, time at the Spa, or restaurant coupons to take their whole family for pizza or Chinese food? The good will that you create could keep employees from leaving your company and save you thousands of dollars a year in training new staff.

If you have never had the money for the extras, eXmerce is for you! When cash flow has dried up it can be hard to justify an eventing out, or a special meal with staff with extended families invited. Sending the new client a gift basket or keeping an existing client feeling appreciated gets lost in the survival mode. eXmerce makes all of that possible and more!

The CIBN And eXmerce Partnership

CIBN is proud of our relationship with our Sponsor eXmerce. We did over $7,000 of new business in the first 6 weeks of doing business with them. We have already used some of that extra money for restaurant meals with staff and MasterMind members, hiring a call center for new business, getting a premium downtown office space, offering perks and incentives to staff, and a whole lot more. To find out how we use eXmerce follow the hashtag on Twitter #gotthisonbarter or keep in touch by following us @CIBNtweets and @yycbiznetwork.

We highly recommend eXmerce to our CIBN Members. You will find that over the next few years we will do joined events with eXmerce and as we expand into other parts of Canada this positive barter relationship will open up new territories and opportunities for us and for you.

The eXmerce Offer

Do you know someone who needs the eXmerce trade exchange service? It could be worth money to you to make the introduction. eXmerce offers $100 cash and $100 of eXmerce barter money for every lead that turns into a new member for them. eXmerce also has a list of specific industries that they are looking to fill due to the requests of their existing members. If you have a lead from their priority list then they will pay double for that lead that turns into a new eXmerce member. That is $200 cash and $200 in eXmerce trade dollars!

Visit their website today to find out more about eXmerce or to give your referral. If you would like an appointment to discuss what eXmerce could do for your company call Nelson at 403-215-9220 or email him at

Barter and trade with eXmerce!

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