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Jody Dyer Is An Entrepreneur With A Cause

Jody Dyer has a passion, a vision and a cause. Jody wants to become a million dollar donor to help families around the world succeed! Jody DyerJody has and is a distributor of Oregano Gold. She is passionate about the coffee because it provides health benefits for the people who drink it, and coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world.  Unlike regular coffee that many of us are addicted to which has a lot of acid in it, the Organo Gold coffee remains alkaline when we drink it. This is important because dis-ease in the body can often be linked to the amount of acidic foods that we consume. Jody’s own health challenges caused her to research healthier options a few years ago and she has had tremendous personal benefits by switching her own coffee consumption to this product line. When she realized what it had done for her she was eager to share the coffee with others.

Jody Dyer Offers A Healthy Alternative

For many people quitting a coffee drinking habit is extremely difficult, even if they know it may be causing them some problems. Jody’s product is a healthier alternative and it comes in many options for those with discerning taste buds. One can get black coffee, lattés, mochas, and teas, and all of the choices are infused with the superfood organic Ganoderma which is a mushroom grown undisturbed on logs high in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou region. She has additional nutraceuticals and beauty care items as well. Jody Dyer

Jody Dyer Is A Sponsor Of The CIBN

Jody has been a valued member of the CIBN Rocky Mountain Chapter since the network began. She has developed great friendships and good business partners in the group who often purchase her coffee and recommend it to others. She often brings a beautiful treasure chest to the lunch meeting with several delicious samples and allows members and guests to try the drinks with their networking meal. She has built a solid customer business using this method. Last summer she used the proceeds of her efforts to take a trip to Africa where renewed passion inspired her to start a Nigerian team and assist some families in pursuing their own business goals and personal dreams. Right now if you know someone from Nigeria who is interested in pursuing opportunities you will want to give Jody a call. 403-701-7767 Jody is also looking for people right here in Calgary who have a vision for more and a compassion for others. If you know someone who may be a good fit to work with her she is willing to offer a free box of coffee or hot chocolate for any referral that leads to a new distributor in her business. We are pleased to have Jody Dyer as a Sponsor of the CIBN and highly recommend that you try her products and look over her opportunity!

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