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What Is Laser Therapy Solutions?

Laser Therapy Solutions is a Calgary based company that has been doing laser therapy since 2004. Their industry-leading technology has been successful in treating 97% of their clients and they are unsurpassed in their world class customer service. Laser Therapy Solutions offers three kinds of services:

Laser Therapy hair solutionsLaser Therapy Hair Loss Solutions

Laser light increases the energy available to cells so they take in nutrients faster and get rid of waste products. It increases blood and lymph circulation through vasodilatations. Laser therapy increases circulation and oxygenation of the blood to the scalp and hair bulb. It also increases cell replacement and regenerative activity. In men testosterone builds up and causes hair loss, while in women there is a decrease in female hormone levels. Laser therapy is able to address these issues and see hair rejuvenated in most of their clients. They can tell in the first appointment the likeliness of success. The process is not painful, harmful or even too hard on the pocketbook. Treatment can be had for as little as $100 a month and it can be done in a few minutes each week. If you have hair loss issues Laser Therapy Solutions is definitely worth checking out! Call 403-802-0300 for your free  assessment today!


Laser Therapy Body Contouring Solutions

Diets are expensive and require a great deal of ongoing effort and exercise to achieve lasting results. As our bodies get older the metabolism slows down. It is not as easy as it used to be to lose a few pounds. Laser therapy Body Contouring offers a pain-free alternative. The Zerona machine is Canada Health & Welfare approved for safety and effectiveness. There are no side effects and no recovery downtime. LaserTherapy Solutions guarantees a total loss of at least 5 inches in three weeks!  Call them for a free consultation today! 403-802-0300


Laser_Therapy_Solutions_Stop_SmokingLaser Therapy Stop Smoking Solutions

Do you know anyone who must quit smoking? Smoking can effect a person's health, relationships, and self-confidence. However, some people have a horrible time kicking the habit even when their life is at risk. Laser Therapy Solutions uses laser with acupuncture techniques to help you quit smoking. Most people see success after only two treatments and others can require up to four appointments. It is not only successful, it is also affordable. For less than the price of your monthly habit, you can be free forever! Call 403-802-0300 to book an appointment!

Laser Therapy Solutions Is An Ambassador Sponsor Of CIBN

We are pleased to announce that Laser Therapy Solutions is an Ambassador Sponsor of the Canadian Imperial Business Network! Members of CIBN will want to check out this service and meet Len at his office at Center 75. Who do you know thtat could use this technology to look and feel better? Laser Therapy Solutions offers the solutions that they need!

Laser Therapy Solutions

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