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Have you ever tried to figure out what part of marketing is really important for your business? If you have a limited budget you are definitely looking for something that works and there needs to be a measurable return on your investment. Loyal2U helps you figure out where to get started, what you need first, what to empliment next and how the future will look for you. Whether you are brand new start up or a company with decades of experience Loyal2U can help you get to the next level. Loyal2U will assess your need for market impact, your online presence, holes missing in your marketing materials, supports necessary to your sales teams and training needed for you and your staff and put together an integrated marketing plan that is unique for your situation. They are committed to increasing your profit margin and raising your bottom line.

Loyal2U Is A Business Like Your Business


Small animals and children work well in advertising pieces. We use dogs because dogs are Loyal2U!

When Loyal2U was founded it was a business like any other business. It quickly established that it needed cash flow and returns on any significant investment of time or money. Realizing that this is the same need that other businesses have puts Loyal2U miles ahead of it’s competitors. This company knows that you need to see value in the marketing program and that outcomes need to be tangible.

Loyal2U Is An Online Phenomena

Loyal2U was founded by Kerry George who is the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network. After creating a successful marketing company Kerry purchased the Calgary Business Network in 2012 and then purchased the business networking referral clubs of PGIB in 2013 forming the CIBN with 2 partners. Loyal2U was the marketing machine behind the success of the network. Today after only 18 months of business the CIBN has 350+ annual members, 6000 people on an email list, and 300,000 engaging monthly online. The CIBN has successfully been rebranded and is now dominating the market. All of this is due to the efforts of Loyal2U!

Loyal2U is unique from it’s competitors in a few ways:

  • They make your clients and your prospects more Loyal2U.
  • They have multiple employees posting and reposting information about their clients online.
  • They create content in blogs, Tweets, LinkedIn postings, YouTube videos, and hard copy publications and magazines – writing for their clients as though they are their clients.
  • They train organizations, volunteers, political groups and company employees the magic of posting, reposting and utilizing pre-approved content.
  • They employ visionaries and IT professionals who together think outside of the box to make online marketing voodoo happen!




Loyal2U Is A Proud Guardian Sponsor Of The CIBN

Loyal2U has been with the CIBN since it’s foundation and has created the marketing materials, the ads, and trained staff and members to engage through a variety of media channels. The Canadian Imperial Business Network was such a large client for Loyal2U in 2013 that they did not take on any more new business for an entire year. Now they are expanding the operations once again and looking for 5 new clients.



If you have a good lead that develops into a one year contract Loyal2U will do one month of free service for you. This is a value of $1000! It can be used for a variety of things possibly including any one item on this list but not limited to:

  • Pimping out your LinkedIn profile.
  • Creating or updating your Facebook page.
  • Updating data on your existing website.
  • Creating or updating your Twitter account and increasing your local following by 1000 people.
  • Writing a newsletter for your company.
  • Setting up your email marketing and running a one time promotion for you.
  • Setting up an auto-responder for you and writing 5 emails.
  • Writing three blogs and setting up your blogging platform.

Call 403-397-1909 with your lead for Loyal2U today!

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