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80% of all businesses fail in the first five years. More fail over the next five years. There are many stumbling blocks along the way, but what if you could get a hand up and move forward navigating the challenges with experienced coaches and a plan that makes a difference? Manifast is passionate about changing the outcomes and raising the bottom line for small businesses, medium sized businesses and corporations.What Is Manifast?

What is the Manifast Business Success System?

Manifast is the ultimate training and collaboration system that assists your company in reaching it’s goals. It is an online, cloud-based program that allows you to store all of the relevant information that you need to grow and expand your operation. Manifast has partnered with the CIBN through the MasterMind program and above to provide this powerful tool to help business owners to succeed. There is a $3,600 perk for the MasterMinds to participate in a 90 day program with Manifast which will help a business expand exponentially over the next year.



Manifast Provides Solutions

  • Do you need a business plan to get funding or a grant? Manifast is the solution.
  • Are you a new start-up without a solid plan? Manifast is the solution.
  • Are you in a growth or expansion mode? Manifast is the solution.
  • Do you have trouble hiring and keeping the right kind of staff? Manifast is the solution.
  • Do you need to know how to make goals, plan projects, or measure outcomes? Manifast is the solution.
  • Do you need an exit strategy or a succession plan for your business. Manifast is the solution.


Manifast And The CIBN

The Canadian Imperial Business Network works with businesses every day of the week. We see business owners and entrepreneurs succeeding and failing. We see the challenges that businesses face and understand the needs of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Business can be tough. There are marketing strategies that need to be planned. There are cash flow issues that need to be overcome. There is a desperate need for mentorship and coaching from reliable sources and although we have some fine examples of these people in our organization many business owners from across the city are not yet utilizing all of the opportunities that are presented to them. So how can we help?

The MasterMind Program offered by the CIBN has a lot of valuable pieces that have been added for the benefit of members who want to achieve more in their businesses. We have training that MasterMinds get for free, covering all kinds of topics that are of interest to business owners. One of our most prized relationships is with Manifast. Since October of 2013 the CIBN has been using the Manifast system and we absolutely love it! It has helped us to collaborate with other team members, it has assisted us in building out projects and measuring outcomes. We now have systems and processes in place for a variety of aspects. We know our key performance indicators and we have solidified our core values. Manifast is responsible for much of the growth that the network has been enjoying. We use it and we now don’t want to be without it, so we can highly recommend it to you as well!

Right now the Manifast Business Success System is working together with coach Brenda Jacobson and the CIBN to bring a 90 Day Strategizing Session to our MasterMind Members. The value of the coaching alone is over $3,600. The program is powerful and  it will change the way that you do business!

Manifast Helps You To Be Ready

What if you lost a key employee? Calgary is a very competitive job market. How much money and downtime do you have to endure to bring on a new staff member? What if you could put your training in one place where it could be found and used easily? What if processes were already determined? Would that make it easier for a staff member to train another new staff member?

What if something happened to you as a business owner? Who knows the passwords for your social media? Who knows the accounting processes? Who is ready to take over? Who knows what to do next? Manifast helps you to be ready. All of these things can be prepared and you will be more than ready to weather any storm.

What if you want to sell your business? If you have a piece of property, your business is often valued just on that. Why? Because you have most of the intellectual property inside your own head. But what if you had it in a system where a new owner could get at it? What if all of the processes were laid out in an orderly manner? Now you have a business that has a value. Your sale price just went up dramatically.

Call Al Dhalla today at 403-809-5089 to find out more about what the Manifast Business Success System can do for you!



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