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Velda Paynter the owner of Velda’s Grower Direct has been a long time networker in the city of Calgary. Velda got involved with the PGIB years ago and has significantly increased her business by networking. She has been an avid supporter of the CIBN since it’s inception and participates weekly in both NE clubs currently meeting at the Coast Plaza on Wednesdays and Thursdays for lunch.

Velda's Grower DirectFor Velda, becoming a Pillar Sponsor was a great fit. Her beautiful flower arrangements and creative abilities are easy for the network to promote. Kerry George the CEO of the CIBN uses Velda exclusively for all of her flowers and over the last couple of years she has found many unique ways to utilize Velda’s creativity to improve the bottom line of the network.

How Velda’s Grower Direct Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Have you ever made a client angry? Everyone can make a mistake and sometimes in business an honest mistake can cost a young company thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Why not send a huge, beautiful bouquet and win that client back? Be sure to add a personal note of apology and promise to make things right.

Have you ever been working on a big deal that is taking forever for them to make their minds up about signing the contract and getting started? Why not send the decision maker a gorgeous arrangement? Perhaps you have some inside information about his upcoming anniversary. Maybe he would appreciate you giving him a $100 gift certificate from Velda’s Grower Direct so he can impress his wife.

It is a lot easier to keep an existing client and to upgrade them than it is to find a brand new client. Use a table arrangements for their Thanksgiving or Christmas table to let them know that you appreciate their business. A customer that is bringing hundreds or thousands of dollars annually is a client that is worth grooming some good will with.

Have you ever met a gatekeeper in an organization that won’t let you near the decision maker? Wear her down with some fabulous flowers. A large and impressive arrangement is hard to ignore and if it is delivered to the receptionist it typically will sit on the front desk for three weeks dripping on her and bringing comments from other employees every day that it is there.

Velda’s Grower Direct Understands You

One of the best things about using Velda’s Grower Direct is their unique ability to design the perfect arrangement for the occasion. As busy business owners we do not always have the time to get that special bouquet for our partner. Sometimes an employee needs a little recognition or a long time associate is suddenly in the hospital. A quick call to Velda’s Grower Direct and we can be certain that Velda’s team will make a wonderful choice and have it delivered promptly. Across town or around the world Velda’s Grower Direct gets it where it needs to be.


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