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You can get cash back from purchases made at Canadian Tire and ALSO get Canadian Tire Money!


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Our loyalty program through Lyoness allows our members to get more cash back right away so they can save and earn off their shopping for gasoline and groceries. We are tremendously pleased with the results that we are seeing with this cash back program. While other loyalty programs offer incentives Lyoness offers real money deposited into our account and into the accounts of our members every month. The free part of the loyalty program is a good deal for everyone and for merchants who take the time to find out more this really offers the ability to get on the crest of the wave and position themselves for the successes of tomorrow. We are very excited about this loyalty program, it is good for members and it is good for the community!”  – Kerry George, CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network.

What Do You Want In A Loyalty Program?

You’re a merchant. You sell products and/or services to the public. What do you want?
More sales, of course! More customers. More LOYAL customers who bring you repeat business.
Why? To create more profits of course! This leads to: more income for you; cash to expand into new markets; the opportunity to diversify; selling your business for as much as possible.

What Your Customers Want In A Loyalty Program

Deals! Great value! Rewards for their loyalty! You know that because that’s what YOU want when you are doing the buying.

Do you see the tension? You’re pulling against each other. You want to maximize profits while your customers want to cut their cost.

Is there a magical way to relieve the tension and create a win-win? Yes there is!

Lyoness Is The World’s Largest Shopping Community And Loyalty Program

It’s based upon a very simple principle that you as a merchant understand and agree with, and your customers understand: volume discounts.

Would you give a discount if a customer knocked on your door and said, “I’d like to gather a whole bunch of my friends and relatives together and buy a whole lotta what you’re selling”? Of course! You’d be happy to reward them for the referrals.

Lyoness Brings Merchants and Customers Together In This Loyalty

Magic happens when Lyoness members decide they what you’re offering, and they also want to be rewarded for buying. They’ll habitually go to the Lyoness website or free smartphone app to find you. Then they’ll buy.

You’ll get a sale from someone you likely would have never found using traditional advertising. Lyoness is in 44 countries, so maybe the new, loyal customer is from the U.S., or Europe or beyond. With over three million members, they might arrive from anywhere.

The Best Kind of Advertising

Ideally, shouldn’t you pay for advertising ONLY AFTER it earns you the sale? That’s Lyoness. And you should pay nothing along the way until it creates a sale. That’s Lyoness too.

There’s an old saying: “I know I’m wasting half of my advertising dollar—trouble is, which half?” The worldwide famous company Coca Cola spends about 17% of revenue on advertising. What do you spend? How well does it work?

Leaving a Legacy

Lyoness Merchant Partner doors open to customers keen to buy where they earn Lyoness rewards. For you it means more sales. More profits. A bigger, more valuable business.
Choose to pass along the rewards to the next generation or to a great cause near to your heart.

Can your business afford NOT to be a Lyoness Loyalty Program Merchant?


Richard SherryRichard Sherry loves Calgary so much that he’s moved here three times. He began his career as an electrical engineer and manufacturing manager with two high-tech companies. Wanderlust overcame him through world-wide travel, as so he became a high school math and science teacher and spent time teaching in Ecuador. His third career is in the financial services industry, having been registered with the Alberta Securities Commission selling securities, as well as other products. He is married to Minda and they love to go motorcycling on beautiful summer days and dancing whenever possible.


For more information about the loyalty program or to sign up for the free part of the program through the CIBN contact Richard at or phone him at 403-889-8779.

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