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The Validity Of Tracking Referrals

New members often ask us if we track referrals in our networking groups. We do, to some extent and we also have plans to increase the accountability in our clubs later this year with a new system, however we may not share the same motivation behind this process that some of our competitors do.

Some competing networking clubs have extensive tracking systems. In fact, they have all kinds of procedures in their hour and a half long meetings. They also have a lot of volunteer work that is necessary for their members to perform. On the outside this is very impressive. When you attend the meeting there may be 50 people present and they will proudly tell you that they did $1,000,000 in annual increased business last year and value your seat at $12,000 a year or more. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Who would want to be a part of that?

Tracking Referrals

Members are happy when they are getting new business and when they are building lasting and rewarding relationships!

The thing is, we are not trying to compete with these groups. We do things differently and there is a reason why we do them differently. It is true that they can make these bold claims, but there are steps in their processes that you may not have considered. Firstly, they interview every potential member and they do turn away many. So you may be one of the ones turned away. As they interview prospects, they are looking for certain criteria. For instance if they have to choose between 4 different real estate agents they are usually going to go with the seasoned realtor who already has a history of making sales. They know that their ability to close a sale from a lead is going to be higher and that will allow them to report higher closing numbers each quarter. Each of their clubs may approach this differently based on the leadership, however if numbers are important to you, who would you choose? Wouldn’t you want the best producer? Secondly, there is a lot of structure in those meetings. So much structure that you may not have much time to talk to anyone who is there. So they may tell you to come earlier and to stay later, and that is all fine, but how much time do you have? Thirdly, real relationships are not just about having visited one another at your establishments. Real relationships are truly authentic when there is some laughter in the room and some camaraderie. When people are happy to see each other and they look forward to their regular weekly lunch that is when our clubs are very successful. We are not just embracing capitalism, we are making compassionate and happy capitalists!

There Is More To It Than Tracking Referrals

Business does increase from networking when it is done right, and if you do it well at our clubs or at our competitors clubs you are going to make more money. At a recent organizational review Landon Ford with World Financial Group in our NE chapter reported making over $14,000 in commissions in the last quarter due to his clubs activities. A social media company reported $16,000 of annual revenue had been secured from the same club in that time period. Others spoke of increased relationships and strategic partnerships and how their business has grown. Some talked about how they have personally been mentored and changed the way that they did business.

We are not our competitors. We are not interested in inflating numbers to look good. We are all about relationships and providing valuable knowledge to our members that will help them not only to survive, but to thrive. We take the brand new realtor and we teach them how to network. We take the young entrepreneur and we show her how to make it on her first try. We take the struggling business owner and show them how to take their business to the next level, and we offer him more through our MasterMind program so he can get the valuable mentoring and coaching that he needs. We make connections for our members and we set them up with strategic alliances that change the course of their journey so they can accomplish their dreams. We are building something unique and we are impacting the lives and the successes of our members in a real and powerful way.

If Relationship Building Is As Important To You As Tracking Referrals Then Join Us!

If you want to be part of that vision, join us. If you want to take your business to the next level, join the MasterMind program. If you are already a member, become more involved. Consider an upgrade for more benefits. Come to the extra events that we put on for your success. We are here for you!


Kerry George


Kerry George is the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network and the Calgary Business Network and she is a happy capitalist! Kerry works tirelessly bringing new value to the CIBN members and is always looking for methods to increase their bottom line. She is a speaker at many member events sharing knowledge about online marketing, sales techniques, motivation, LinkedIn, networking, entrepreneurship, and more. 


If you would like to learn more about the CIBN or about networking in general call Kerry at 403-397-1909 or Zechariah James at 403-370-4472. Zechariah will soon have some new information about tracking referrals as well.

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