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VoIP Systems Now Widely Used Even in Small Businesses In Canada

Many small businesses nowadays are switching from landline phone communication to VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol System, mainly because of the better value that it can give to the business.

Maximizing whatever cost is spent in business facilities is very important, and bringing the VoIP system into offices and workplaces seems like a legitimate way of doing so.  This trend also happens to occur in Canada where VoIP systems are being used in small businesses.

What Do The Statistics Say About VoIP Systems?

VoIP  systemsStatistics of Canadian small businesses would show the rising percentage of VoIP system users comparable to the increase in the US which is now at 79%.

The practicality of using this new system is going to be more prevalent as legislature will soon pass a bill phasing out the traditional telecommunications. Therefore, compliance with the new system shall become mandatory. The same is also true in Canada.

Basically, the VoIP system uses the Internet to make phone calls instead of the traditional landlines. Typically, computers receive VoIP calls through apps like Google and Skype. In small businesses, there is a substantial modification of the system such that instead of computers, IP Phones are used to receive calls. These phones are plugged into an Internet connection with an Ethernet cable.

It uses the Internet and does not need to be installed with too much hardware, other than routers, Ethernet cables, and the phone line itself. Having a VoIP Phone system definitely saves one the hassle.

This system has a lot to offer to Canadian small businesses such as mobility, and scalability. For these reasons, they are now more widely used than they were before.

Are There Any Disadvantages To VoIP Systems?

There may be disadvantages such as the fact that the call quality is only as good as the Internet connection and that some call services may not be available, but these are outweighed by the benefits. For one, it equalizes the field of business such that even small businesses can be at par with big ones in terms of call quality.

VoIP systems now availableAs for the phone line itself, the choices abound. There is a large range of prices  and definitely something to suit anyone’s budget. There is no wonder VoIP has become a prevalent choice among small businesses in Canada.

Furthermore, the VoIP system also suits small businesses because it can be utilized in any workplace set-up. For instance, it can be used by employees working at a remote distance and even those staying at home. Through this, the small businesses can definitely get the benefits of mobility. The employees can work from any point or location so long as there is an Internet connection conducive for taking calls.

The system is also expandable, thus creating more communication channels as the business gradually grows. As the business becomes bigger, more calls are expected to come in and more communication channels should be made available. This can be made possible through the digital technology equipped in VoIP systems.  

As the Internet usage continues to grow, there is no doubt that VoIP systems in Canada for small businesses will be the thing of the future.


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