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Committed members are important to the growth and expansion of the CIBN. Small towns and cities as well as larger cities have one thing in common as we build chapters in their communities. The groups grow faster and larger when they have a core group of committed members.

So what Is a committed member?

While the CIBN does have staff, a staff member is never as good as a business owner who understands the value of their chapter and contributes to it’s growth and success. In fact, successful clubs have at least 2 to 3 committed members and when those people are defined the numbers of attendees jump dramatically no matter where the club is, or the time of day, or the cost of attending.

If committed members are important to the process, what does a committed member look like?

Committed members show up happy. While many members believe that by showing up they are showing their commitment, showing up alone is not what we would call a committed member. A committed member not only shows up regularly, they show up happy. They are a happy capitalist. Guests feel the emotional atmosphere of a room and often make a decision to join or not join based on how they feel and how they perceive the existing members feel.

A committed member pays the room fee up front as well as any other membership dues or renewals. The treasurers are volunteers and it damages the atmosphere of them giving their time to the effort of the clubs success when they have to pursue members to follow the rules and to pay at the beginning of the month for the room fees. As well, when one withholds dues from the organization it creates an infection that spreads to other members which hinders growth. Clubs grow when members pay willingly and happily. Committed members see this correspondence and realize that their happy contributions set the stage, increase the numbers and pave the way for their own success.

A committed member gives referrals. There are some people who actually believe they are there to benefit others. They come with a giving attitude and are looking out for the success of fellow members. They are sincerely thinking about other members during the week and they come with an idea of who they are giving a referral to this week. This winning philosophy is contagious and it infects the entire group in a positive way!

Committed Members CIBN

Committed Members take an interest in others…

A committed member brings guests regularly. They are looking out for the growth of the club and they are keeping their eyes and ears open in the community for a good fit who would be an asset to the other members. When club members come with a sense of entitlement that does not work any better here than it does in any other area of life. Expectations that the organization will do all of the expansion work is unhealthy and unprofitable for all. Why wouldn’t members want to take part in the process and choose their own collaborators? It is a huge benefit to the group for the group to find those that they know and trust in the community and to bring them in because of the standard of their work and the excellence of their products. The people know the people. Committed members bring in people that they like, know and trust and it is good for the whole organization to be associated with those that they select for their chapters.

Committed Members Are Dedicated To The Team

Committed members come to the club with a list of good expectations. They expect to participate. They expect to contribute. They are givers and they want to sow into the lives of others. They are not standing there with a score card totally up the results after three meetings or even the first six months of meetings. Committed members realize that some of the best leads and referrals come in the second year of networking because that is when people actually have gotten to know them and trust them. Committed members are okay with that, because they get it. Networking works, when you work it. A committed member is committed to the groups success because they realize that their own success is tied to the team’s success.

Committed Members Are Loyal

The CIBN does not have a policy about attending other groups. We don’t want to dictate to people what is best for them or their business because they as a business owner have their own insights on that and we don’t feel it is our place to try and control them. It is good for members to be connected in their communities and to get out into the market and to meet others. That being said however, we have noticed that those who embrace the wider picture of the CIBN get more out of their memberships and they make more money. They go to the learning events. They see the CIBN as their main source of networking. They contribute to the organization by giving their opinions to the leadership teams and they ask for services to be provided and open up discussions.

No good thing comes from a consistent lack of loyalty in any business. Jumping the fence at the first sign of trouble causes companies to self-destruct. Undercutting, poaching, endless dickering and bickering is not profitable. It is not happy capitalism.

We have found that committed members are inherently loyal. They don’t scoop members to join other networking organizations. They are there to contribute to the growth and sustainability of this organization. They look for ways to make the CIBN better. Committed members are loyal members.


Kerry George Kerry GeorgeKerry George is the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network (CIBN), an avid networker and a committed member. She has personally brought more than 40 new members to the CIBN through her personal connections outside of the marketing done by the CIBN organization in the last 8 months alone. Kerry eats, breaths and sleeps networking, collaborating and connecting and is always looking for systems that work to be adopted by the company for the success of our members. Currently Kerry is working on methods of changing the culture of the groups to inspire more committed members to join our team for the benefit of all of our members.

You can follow Kerry George’s personal blog here or join her on Facebook here.

Twitter handle is @createloyalty2U and the organization is @CIBNtweets

Facebook for the CIBN is here. Committed members can join us there 🙂

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