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What Is A Happy Capitalist?

Are you comfortable with the term “happy capitalist?” If you are not it may be because you have some kind of negative idea about capitalism. Perhaps you feel it is a political term, or a term used to describe a system of exploitation. When we use the term “Happy Capitalist” those things are not what we are referring to. We have no official political alliances. We do encourage members to be informed about policies that could affect their businesses and we do encourage them to vote but we are not the organization that sells party memberships on site. We may have members and even leadership within the organization who have strong political opinions but the CIBN as a whole does not support any one party. We do support however, happy capitalism!

Happy Capitalist

Increase is important to a Happy Capitalist but so is the ability to enjoy it…

A happy capitalist is one that understands compassionate capitalism. This is a person who recognizes that capitalism is an economic system and it is the system that we all use in North America. In simplest terms it means that we have the right to buy and sell and that we can own property. While some people would want to exploit their capitalist opportunities at the expense of others, or the environment, that is not a happy capitalist. That is a corrupt person and they would exploit any system because that is what corrupt people do. The happy capitalist thrives in the economic system while adding value to the people and the environment. The happy capitalist is not destroying for the sake of profit, he is instead building sustainability for the sake of future profits.

We Create Happy Capitalists

At the Canadian Imperial Business Network we want our members to prosper in their businesses. We want them to be healthy physically, sharp mentally, and to grow wealth incrementally. These are part of the core values of the CIBN. We look for ways to help our members become happy capitalists!

We have members who are experts in healthy living bring their training and support to the organization so our members can be healthier, live longer, and enjoy the rewards of their businesses. We offer courses on improved mental health, positive thinking, motivation, business strategy and a variety of other topics that create entrepreneurial thinking and success. The idea behind offering a weekly meeting is so our members can share warm referrals with each other. We want those leads to be great leads and we want business to be written as a result because that makes our members more profitable. Many of the lunch & learns and workshops that we offer are directly related to increasing the bottom line. We are making happy capitalists!

Happy capitalists are fun to be around. They are professional business people but they still have a sense of humour. They enjoy each other’s company and they look forward to seeing each other every week. Many of our groups give great referrals to each other because they sincerely like each other and they want to support each other’s businesses.

Looking For Happy Capitalists

Are you a happy capitalist? If you are you will want to join one of our CIBN chapters and get a team of happy capitalists working for your success!

Kerry George Happy Capitalist

Are you a Happy Capitalist?



Kerry George is the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network and the Calgary Business Network and she is a happy capitalist! Kerry works tirelessly bringing new value to the CIBN members and is always looking for methods to increase their bottom line. She is a speaker at many member events sharing knowledge about online marketing, sales techniques, motivation, LinkedIn, networking, entrepreneurship, and more. Kerry is a serial entrepreneur so she knows how to be a happy capitalist and how to create other happy capitalists in the CIBN!

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