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Do you need new leads for your business? Are you continually trying to find new prospects? Do you need to get the word out about what you do? Do you need to learn how to represent your business better and talk about it with ease? These are just a few of the reason that you need to consider joining a business network and attending networking meetings regularly.

Only three I started my first traditional business. I had no clients. I had no experience. I had no idea what I was even doing.

I was planning to use my social media and email marketing skills to introduce something new into the marketplace. I did not know that I should do some market research. I did not have any financial backing. I had a low value of myself and my services. That does not sound like a recipe for success does it?

I did do one thing right though. A friend of mine invited me to join her at a business networking meeting and I went. At that first meeting I met someone that changed the course of my business and the success of my life. I met the founder of one of the best networking organizations in our city. In that meeting he became one of the first clients for my business and he began to actively refer me to others within his network.

That is the thing about networking meetings.  You never know who you are going to meet. You may make a new client or friend. You may get a valuable mentor or a strategic alliance. You may be the one valuable person in the meeting that will have that something special for another person who is present. Over the last year we have done a lot of new business in our social media business due to the fact that we regularly attend a variety of networking meetings.

The meeting and the meal is a tax write off for you as a business owner. So why not go?

Explore the various MeetUp groups in your city. Try the big organizations as well as the smaller ones. Go to a few specialized meetings or learning events. Check out the possibilities. Go to a few different kinds before you commit to long term financial obligations. Realize as well that there is value in different kinds of networking. Those that would try to tie you to just one opportunity may not be working for your interest. You can talk more in smaller networking gatherings. Meetings can be booked from the meeting itself without staying an extra 45 minutes if the schedule is not as tight. Getting to know people really makes you a better referral bearer and it makes them like you and want to do business with you. Just enjoy the networking and enjoy making new friends.

You will be glad that you did.


Kerry GeorgeKerry George began networking as the owner of a social media company and it worked so well that she bought the network! The CIBN or Canadian Imperial Business Network is built by business owners doing business. We know what is important to your business and the whole system is designed to bring value to local Canadian businesses and increase your bottom line!

In Calgary you have other valuable opportunities for more networking, learning and even MasterMinds by connecting with the Calgary Business Network!


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